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The Cost Coding Encrypted Format may be used on Reports and Labels. When the Cost Coding Field Flag is enabled, the cost (or price) digits are printed an in encrypted format (which customers cannot decipher), using the following default formula:


All other characters (decimals, dollar signs, etc.) are removed.

The Encrypted Format may be customized. To customize the encryption formula, create a text file named CostCode.TXT and enter ten characters on the first line with no spaces. Place the file in the Keystroke installation folder (C:\Keystroke - by default). Cost Coding uses only the first ten characters in the file to represent the digits 0 through 9 respectively. The file may contain additional characters (and even an entire document) to help prevent others from figuring out the use of this file.

For example, create the file C:\Keystroke\CostCode.TXT and enter ten characters that are easy to remember, such as BIRTHDAYME (B=0, I=1, R=2, etc.) so the Cost Coding encryption may be easily read by those who know the formula.

Using the formula in the example, if the cost of an item is $6.25, it is printed as: ARD (the $ and decimal are discarded).

Note: Do not to duplicate any letters in the formula. If the CostCode.TXT file does not exist, Keystroke uses the default formula: AOWRUFXVGN.


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