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Report/Label Editor - Field Button

The Field button is used to select the field to be printed. The Field options consists of a Data Set Name, followed by the Field Name. For example: [VEN:Name] = the Name field from the Vendor database.

The Data Set is the section of the program from which the data in the field is taken. See Data Set Names.

To select a field:

- Select the Field button on the Edit Field Screen. Click or press [Enter] to display the Fields options list.

- Choose a Data Set from the Fields options list. Press [Enter] to display the Select Field list. The list of Data Sets will vary, depending the Report/Label being edited.

- Choose a Field from the Select Field list. Press [Enter] to select the field to be printed.

Types of Fields include:

Standard - Taken directly from the database or setting that is being reported.

Calculated - Taken from calculations based on other database fields or settings.

System - General system fields.

Variables - Defined in the form's Variables section.

Note: In addition, some special fields may directly affect other Report and Label settings.


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