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Printer Drivers control the format of the printed output.

For most Windows Printers, select the WINDOWS driver and select the printer using the Port setting, Windows Printer option which displays the list of available Windows Printers that are installed in computer's Windows operating system. See Using Windows Printer Drivers for details about customizing printing using Windows printers.

Keystroke also uses its own Customizable Keystroke Printer Drivers. Keystroke Printer Drivers allow Keystroke to send Printer Driver Codes which are printer control commands (such as a receipt paper cut command) directly to the printer.

Common Keystroke Printer Drivers include:

EPSONTM - Used for most Epson TM receipt printers that use cut codes of 27,105 (ESC, i).

SP300 - Used for most Star receipt printers that use cut codes of 27,100, 48 (ESC, d, 0).

OKI-IBM - Used for most older DOT-Matrix impact printers.

SAMSUNG - Used for most Samsung/Bixolon receipt printers with cut codes of 27,105 (ESC, i).


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