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Print Buttons control the printing of Receipts, Invoices, Purchase Orders, Payment Receipts, etc.

Print Buttons define:

- the Print Button Name (the text label displayed to identify the Print Button).
- if the Print Button is visible or hidden.
- the Use On options (Transaction Type, Payment type, etc. - if applicable) define the purpose for which the form may be used.
- the Clerk Security Level required to see the Print Button.
- if an email address is required.
- if the Transaction is to be saved before being printed.
- if manual selection of the Print Button is required (or if it is automatically selected by a trigger such as a Sales Payment Type).
- the Form File (format of the Receipt, Invoice, etc.) to be printed.
- where the Form is to be printed.
- how many copies of the Form are to be printed.
- if the Form should first be displayed on the screen (an Advanced POS only feature).

The Save Print Button (which should always be defined as Print Button #0) is configured by default to save the transaction without sending it to a printer. This button may be hidden or edited as needed.

To configure a Print Button, select Print Buttons from the Configuration Manager, Tables menu and select the Button Type from the list of available Print Button Types:

SM: Sales - Sales Invoices, Sales Orders, Quotes, Layaways, etc.

SM: Payments - For use with specific Sales Payment Types.

SM: Credit Memos - Printing Credit Memos in the Configuration Manager.

PM: Purchases - Purchase Invoices, Purchase Orders and Reserved Orders.

AR: ROA Receipts - Receipts for payments Received on Account in Accounts Receivables

Paid Outs - For cash Paid Out of the register ([Shift]+[F7]).

Time Clock - For Time Clock entries ([Shift]+[F4]).

PDM: Productions - For Inventory Productions (Requires the Production Module).

SL: Transfers - For Store Transfers (Requires the StoreLink Module).

Note: Print Buttons display in reverse order from the order in which they are listed on the Print Buttons setup screen. To change the order in which Print Buttons are listed on the setup screen, select the Print Button to be moved, press [Shift]+[Del] to cut it from the list, navigate to the desired position, and press [Shift]+[Ins] to paste it into the new position.


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