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Print Button display is controlled by Clerk Security Level.

To control Clerk access to Print Buttons:

- select Print Buttons from the Configuration Manager, Tables menu.
- select the Print Button Type.
- select a Print Button from the Lookup List (or create a new Print Button by pressing [Ins] or selecting [Add New Button]).
- on the Print Button screen, navigate to the Security Level field.
- enter the appropriate Security Level number.

The Print Button is visible only to Clerks whose Security Level number is lower than or equal to the Print Button's Security Level number. The button is hidden from Clerks who have a higher Security Level number (Keystroke displays the next Print Button the Clerk is allowed to see instead).

For Example:

If Sales Transactions include the following Print Buttons:
0: Save - Security Level 10
1: 8.5" x 11" Invoice - Security Level 3
2: 40 Column Receipt - Security Level 6

And the Clerk has Security Level 1, Keystroke displays:
40 Column Receipt
8.5" x 11" Invoice

If the Clerk has Security Level 5, Keystroke displays:
40 Column Receipt

If the Clerk has Security Level 10, Keystroke displays:

Note: Print Buttons display in reverse order from the order in which they are listed on the Print Buttons setup screen. To change the order in which Print Buttons are listed on the setup screen, select the Print Button to be moved, press [Shift]+[Del] to cut it from the list, navigate to the desired position, and press [Shift]+[Ins] to paste it into the new position.


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