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The Form File defines the fields to be printed, the position of the fields on the page, the size/color of the font, and other related field printing properties.

Press [F3] from the Form Files Lookup List to use the Picture Viewer to see an image file example (Form Image Files) of what the printed Form looks like or a text description of what the Form looks like. The description will also appear below the Form File name on the Form Setup Screen.

The names of the Form Files indicate the type of form they generate.

For example, in the Form File name KSP8X11.NVC:
- the P represents a plain-paper form.
- the 8X11 represents 8.5 by 11 inch paper.
- the .NVC extension represents the Sales Transaction type of Form File (see below).

For another example, in the Fom File name NEBS9042.NVC:
- the NEBS indicates it is a form available from NEBS Computer Forms.
- the pre-printed Form Number is 9042.

The Keystroke Form File Name extension types are:

SM: Sales - .NVC
SM: Payments - .PAY
SM: Credit Memos - .ROA
PM: Purchases - .POR
AR: ROA Receipts - .ROA
Paid Outs - .PAY
Time Clock - .CLK
PDM: Productions - .PRO
SL: Transfers - .STR


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