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The Sales Payment screen may display up to three optional Payment Print Buttons.

The Payment Print Buttons are displayed on the Payment Screen itself and are not displayed on the Sales Transaction Print Button screen. Payment Print Buttons are used to print specialized sales payment receipts or similar payment-related documents.

A Payment Print Button may be configured to work with a specific Payment Type, or with all Payment Types.

Number - Each Print Button has a unique Number.

Hidden - Defines if a Print Button is visible or hidden.

Name - The Print Button is the text label displayed to identify the Print Button.

Use On - Use On options define the Sales Payment Type for which the Print Button may be used.

Security Level - Print Button access is controlled by Clerk Security Level.

Requires Email Address - Print Button is hidden unless an email address is available.

Print Immediately - Automatically print the payment receipt at the end of the Transaction.

Print and Continue - Clear data from the screen and move on to the next action.

Form 1-4 - A Print Button may use as many as four separate Form Files.

Note: Each Payment Type will display the first three Print Buttons that are available to it.

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