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A Print Button may use as many as four separate Form Files. For example, a single Print Button may print:

- Sales Receipt

- Sales Invoice

- Shipping Label

- Packing Slip

Each Form may be printed to a different printer (each with different numbers of copies if necessary).

The Print Button setup screen is used to configure the Print Button properties. To set up a Form, Select the Form 1 button, complete the Form screen settings, and select OK or press [F10] to save the settings. If additional Forms are required, proceed to the Form 2, 3 and 4 buttons. If a form is not used, set both the File and Printer settings on the Form screen to None.

Form File - Press [Enter] to select a Form File from the Form Files Lookup List.

Printer - Press [Enter] to select a Printer from the Printers Lookup List.

Print to Screen - Press [Space] or click to enable Print to Screen (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses).

Copies - Select the number of copies (of the Form) to print.


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