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Keystroke identifies Print Buttons by Number when displaying them at the end of a Transaction (and when selecting a Payment Type's default Print Button).

It is not recommended, but more than one Print Button may have the same Number. If they do, Keystroke always displays the first one listed, and ignores the rest.

For example, if Sales Transactions include the following Print Buttons:

0: Save
1: Multi-Invoice
1: Single Invoice
2: Receipt

Keystroke displays:


The Single Invoice Print Button which follows Multi-Invoice and has the same number is ignored.

Special Print Button Numbers:

0: Used for the Save Print Button.

-1: Used for an Exit w/ Quote button. Print Buttons with their Number set to -1 automatically convert Sales Quotes to a Sales Invoices (or to Sales Orders if quantities are not available).

Note: The Numbers do not affect the order in which the Buttons appear on the screen. Print Buttons display in reverse order from the order in which they are listed on the Print Buttons setup screen. To change the order in which Print Buttons are listed on the setup screen, select the Print Button to be moved, press [Shift]+[Del] to cut it from the list, navigate to the desired position, and press [Shift]+[Ins] to paste it into the new position.


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