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The Barcode Size Code is entered after the Barcode Format Code. Each size code is a single character (1-9, followed by A-Z) representing the numbers 1-35.

Barcode Size Code / Unit / Default

Height / 10ths of an inch / 2
Bar Width / 144ths of an inch / 2
Bar Ratio / 1 to 3 / 1

For example, B8FC2 is the code for a (large) bar code:
- B8 means print a Code 128 barcode with automatic subset switching.
- The Height Code is F: a height of 1.5 inches (15/10ths of an inch).
- The Bar Width Code is C: a bar width of .0833 inches (12/144ths of an inch).
- The Bar Ratio is 2.


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