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Database Manager - Customer Database

The Customer Database is used to manage information about Customers. Each customer record includes three screens: Main Screen, More Data Screen, Custom Data Screen.

The Customer Database and the Contact Database work together. The Contact Database contains records that represent additional people or shipping addresses for a particular Customer Database record. Multiple Contacts may be associated with a single Customer.

The Default Contact (which usually has a blank Contact ID) should be used to store alternate shipping address information for the Customer which is then used on Sales Transactions by default.

To view or edit a Customer's Contacts, select the Contacts button in the lower left corner of the Customer's database record and press [Enter], or enter the Contact Hot Key combination [Alt]+[C].

Note: Some Customer Database fields also exist on Contact Database records. Information entered in the Contact record fields takes precedence over (is used instead of) the information on the Customer Record. Fields on the Contact record that contain the NULL character (the three horizontal bars), use the information from the Customer record.

A Customer record should be created for every Customer for which a sales history should be created. Customer records can be imported when setting up a new Keystroke system, as well as any time after Keystroke has been in use. New Customers are commonly added individually at the beginning of a new sales transaction, when it is discovered that they are not in the existing Customer Database. The top section of each Customer nformation screen displays some of the same fields making it easy to verify which Customer record is currently being viewed.

Special attention should be paid to the Lookup Name field because this field is commonly displayed when working with Customer records. When entering a new Customer record, the Lookup Name will automatically be populated with Last Name, First Name, unless a Business Name is entered, in which case the Lookup Name field is automatically populated with Business Name. To change this behavior, please see the Database Manager Default Settings.

Special attention should be paid to the Price Table field because this field is used to assign automatic sales discounts to the Customer.

Special attention should be paid to the Tax Table field to ensure the proper amount of sales tax will automatically applied to their sales transactions.

There are 3 Customer Database Screens (use the Database screen buttons in the lower right or press [F9] to navigate through the screens):

Main Screen
More Data Screen
Custom Data Screen


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