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Managing Databases

Database Manager Menus

Individual Databases:

Inventory Database

- Inventory Main Screen
- Inventory Order Data Screen
- Inventory More Data Screen
- Inventory Custom Data Screen

Customer Database

- Customer Main Screen
- Customer More Data Screen
- Customer Custom Data Screen

Contact Database

- Contact Main Screen
- Contact More Data Screen
- Contact Custom Data Screen

Vendor Database

- Vendor Main Screen
- Vendor More Data Screen
- Vendor Custom Data Screen

Clerk Database

- Clerk Main Screen
- Clerk Custom Data Screen

Department Database

- Department Main Screen
- Department Custom Data Screen

Category Database

- Category Main Screen
- Category Custom Data Screen

Location Database

- Location Main Screen
- Location Custom Data Screen

Matrix Items

- Matrix Main Screen
- Matrix More Data Screen

Vendor Catalog
(available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses)

Database Manager Home

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