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Database Manager - Customer Database - More Data Screen

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Fields displayed on the Customer - More Data Screen:

Customer Code - A unique identifier for each Customer.

First Name - Customer's first name.

Last Name - Customer's last name.

Business Name - Customer's business name (if applicable).

Lookup Name - Primary Customer look up field.

Salut - Customer's salutation.

Title - Customer's title.

Number - Used internally to identify each record and cannot be changed.

Class - Usage similar to Customer Code.

1st Loyalty Rule - Points - Customer's currently Available Loyalty Points.

1st Loyalty Rule - Earned - Customer's total Earned Loyalty Points.

1st Loyalty Rule - Redeemed - Customer's total Redeemed Loyalty Points.

Web Customer - Option to identify Customer as a Web Customer.

WebID - Customer's Web ID.

Discount % - Default percentage discount on all sales.

TaxID - Seller's Permit or Sales Tax Exemption number.

ExpDate - Used for any type of date associated with the Customer.

Last Payment - Date of Customer's most recent ROA Payment.

Total Purch - Cumulative Sales total.

Oldest Open Nvc - Date of Customer's oldest open invoice in Accounts Receivable.

First Purchase - Date of Customer's first sale.

Last Purchase - Date of Customer's last purchase.

Birthday - Customer's birthday (without birth-year).

Cell Phone - Customer's cell phone number.

Home Phone - Customer's home phone number.

County/Parish - County or Parish name portion of the Customer's address.

Email2 - Customer's secondary email address.

Store - Identifies the Store Number assigned to the Customer.

Security Level - To View - Required Clerk Security Level to view Customer's database record.

Security Level - To Sell - Required Clerk Security Level to sell to the Customer.

Amount Due - Amount currently owed by Customer.

Last Edit - The date the Customer database record was last edited.

Created - The date the Customer database record was created.

Customer Screen Buttons

Contacts - Press [Alt]+[c] to display/edit Customer Contacts.

AltCodes - Press [Alt]+[a] to display/edit Customer Alternate Codes.

Main Screen - Press [Alt]+[n] to display the Main Screen.

Custom Data - Press [Alt]+[u] to display the Custom Data Screen.

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