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Database Manager - Customer Database - Main Screen - Number

The Number field displays the Customer Number.

Keystroke uses the Customer Number to identify Customers. Customer Numbers cannot be changed on existing Customer records.

The Customer Number is the primary Indexed field that uniquely identifies each Customer database record and may be used to enter Customers on transactions and to sort Customers in Lookup Lists and on Reports. The Customer Number has no specific meaning other than it is the actual Record Number that Keystroke uses to keep track of each Customer.

As new Customer records are added, Keystroke automatically assigns the Customer Number according to the Next Number counter setting located in the Database Manager Setup Menu. The next available Customer Number may be changed using the Next Number function. Care should taken when resetting the Next Number. Do not to specify a number lower than the highest Customer Number already used because no two Customer records may have the same Customer Number.

Format: Integer

Maximum Customer Number: 999,999,999 (~ 1 Billion)

Maximum Customer Records: 999,999,999 (~ 1 Billion)

Indexing: Indexed


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