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The Next Number function is used to define the record number for the next record to be added to the database. It is not normally necessary to change the Next Number because the number is incremented automatically beginning with 1.

When a new record is added to a database it is assigned the next available number and the Next Number is then incremented by one.

Reasons to manually define the Next Number include: starting the record numbers with a number other than 1, skipping over record numbers already used, and assigning a block of numbers for a group of items for a Department or for a store location's unique items when using MultiStore.

If manually defining Next Number to assign blocks of numbers, the blocks must be widely separated so they do not overlap. For example, blocks might be assigned with the following numbers: 10,000, 20,000, 30,000, and 40,000, BUT ONLY IF it is certain that each block will never exceed 10,000 records.

Note: it is recommended to consult with your Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale Dealer or a Keystroke Support Technician before using Next Number to assign blocks of numbers.

To set the Next Number:

- Select the appropriate database.
- Select Next Number from the Setup menu to display the Counter screen.
- Enter the new number in the Next Number field.
- Press [F10] or select the [Ok] button to save the new Next Number.

Note: If the Next Number does need to be manually defined, always use a Next Number higher than the highest number already assigned to the database's records to prevent the database from trying to use a number already in use. If Next Number is set to a number already in use and a new record is being added, the "Record Number [#] already exists! Please enter a unique Number" message is displayed. Re-define the Next Number and use the Undo option from the Record Menu to clear the new record entry screen.


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