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Database Manager - Customer Database - Main Screen - Amount Due

The Amount Due field displays the amount that is currently charged to the Customer's account.

It is for reference only, cannot be edited manually, and is automatically updated when:

- An ROA Payment is entered in Accounts Receivable.

- A Credit Memo is entered in the Sales Manager.

- Finance Charges are generated in Accounts Receivable.

- Statements are printed in Accounts Receivable.

- The Receivables Report with the Detail setting on Aging is run.

It is normally not updated for other Sales Transaction Types (Layaways, Sales Orders, etc.) until they become Sales Invoices.

Each Sales Transaction Type may be configured to update Amount Due by enabling the Sales Transaction Type's Amount Due Update Parameter.

If a Customer's Amount Due appears to be wrong, it is most likely the result of an incorrectly entered ROA Payment, or one that was not actually entered at all. The most common solution is to delete and re-enter the incorrect ROA Payment.


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