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Accounts Receivable - Payment Entry - Payment Received On Account

The Payment Received On Account Screen is used to enter ROA Payments.

Entering ROA Payments

- Enter the Customer number in the Customer field, or press [F8] to display the Payments Received On Account Enter Customer Screen.

Note: Enable the Enter Customer First Payment Parameter to display the Enter Customer Screen for each ROA Payment entry.

- Enter the payment Amount and Reference.

- If the Auto Apply Payment Parameter is enabled, the payment is automatically applied. To apply payments manually, navigate to the Open Invoices list, select the Invoice(s) to which payment is to be applied, and enter the amount(s) to apply in the Applied column.

- Select the Ok button.

- Print the ROA Receipt (if desired).

- Save the completed payment.

The Payment Received on account Screen includes the following fields:

Customer: Enter the Customer number. To display the Enter Customer Screen, press the [F8] key. Press [Ins] to display the Customer Lookup List from the Enter Customer Screen.

Payment: Select the Payment Type for the ROA Payment.

Balance: Displays the amount currently due by the Customer.

Date: The payment date. See Date Formats.

Reference: Enter reference information (Check Number, Credit Card Information, etc.)

Amount: Enter the amount of the ROA Payment.

Open Invoices: Displays the unpaid Invoices and Finance Charges. Use the Up and Down arrow keys to move between Invoices. Select an Invoice and press [F3] to view its details. Press [Ins] to view a list of invoices for the selected Customer. This list includes both invoices that do and do not have Amounts Due. Press [Enter] or [F3] to display the invoice detail. This detail displays the following information: Line items, Payments, Amounts Due.

The Open Invoices section displays the following information:

- Number: The Invoice number or the type of Finance Charge: PRV FN CHG is the Previous Finance Charge, CUR FN CHG is the Current Finance Charge. Note: Press [Shift]+[F9] to toggle the Number column from Number (displays the Invoice Number) to Order No (displays the Invoice's Customer Order Number). When Order No is displayed, the Invoice Search functions are based on the Invoice Custom Order Number field instead of the Invoice Number field (the [Shift]+[F9] toggle is available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses).

- Date: Date of the Invoice or Finance Charge.

- Total: The original amount on the Invoice.

- Amount Due: The amount currently due on the Invoice.

- Applied: Enter the amount of the payment to apply to the Open Invoice. If the Amount Applied exceeds the Amount Due, a prompt is displayed asking if the Amount Applied should be adjusted. Select Yes to adjust the Amount Applied to match the Amount Due (recommended). Select No to apply the full Amount to the Invoice leaving a negative Amount Still Due on the invoice (not recommended).

- Still Due: The amount still due on the Invoice after applying the payment.

Applied Total: The total amount of the payment currently applied.

Remaining: The amount still available to apply. If the amount applied is more than the amount of the ROA Payment, the remaining will be saved as a Credit Memo. The Customer will then have this amount to be applied to other invoices in the future.


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