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Database Manager - Location Database - Main Screen

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Fields displayed on the Location - Main Screen:

Location Code - Uniquely identifies each Location.

Name - Description of the Location.

Script - Defines the Inventory Item that contains the Script(s) for the Location.

Note - Additional information about the Location Script.

Minimum Age - Defines the age required to purchase items.

Target Profit Margin - Used to calculate the cost of items that have a $0.00 Base Price and Cost based on the price entered on the Sales Transaction.

Security Level - View - Required Clerk Security Level to view Location Database record.

Max Items Sales Trans - Defines the maximum quantity of items in that Location that can be sold on a single sales transaction.

Created - The date the Location Database record was created.

Last Edit - The date the Location Database record was last edited.

Comment - Press [Shift]+[Enter] to view the Comment field.

Location Screen Buttons

Custom - Press [Alt]+[u] to display the Custom Data Screen.

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