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The Script field is used to define Inventory Item that contains the Script(s) for the Department or Category or Location.

When an item from a Department, Category, or Location that has a defined Script is entered on a Sales Transaction, the Script(s) is run.

- If an item's Location has a defined Script, it is used (but not the Category and/or Department Scripts).

- If the Location does not have a defined Script, but the Category does, the Category Script is used (but not the Department Script).

- The Department Script is only used if the item's Location and Category do not have defined Scripts.

To assign a Script, select the Script field on the Department or Category or Location record and enter the Stock Number of the Inventory Item that contains the Script(s) (also referred to as the Scripted Item). Or, press [Ins] to look up the Scripted Item using the Lookup List.

The Scripted Item must exist in the Inventory Database and is typically a "dummy" Inventory record with no Quantities, Cost, or Price, and has the Service Flag enabled. Use the Scripts Button at the bottom of the Scripted Item's Inventory Database record to set up the Scripts.

Length - 5 digits

Format - Integer

Indexing: Not Indexed


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