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Database Manager - Department/Category/Location Database - Main Screen - Max Items Sales Trans

The Max Items Sales Trans field (available only in Keystroke Advanced) defines the maximum quantity of items in that Department (or Category/Location) that can be sold on a single sales transaction.

The field's value must be changed to a number greater than 0 or it is ignored. If an item has a Max Items Sales Trans value other than zero in more than one database (Department/Category/Location) then the one that defines the lowest quantity allowed to be sold is used.

If a line item exceeds the maximum quantity, the Exceeds Max Items message is displayed stating what the maximum quantity is and that the item will either be removed (if the maximum quantity is already met by other items) or that the quantity will be adjusted.

After the Exceeds Max Items message has been displayed, and if a Manager-level Clerk is currently logged in, the Manager: Override Max Sale Qty? message is displayed and the Manager has the choice to override the Max Sale Qty quantity for the line item.

The field is labeled as "Max Items Sales Trans:". It appears only on new data sets created with v8.00.75 or later. Call your Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale Dealer or SBS to add the field to existing database screens.


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