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Database Manager - Department/Category/Location Database - Main Screen - Minimum Age

The Minimum Age field is used to define the age required to purchase items in the Department or Category or Location.

If the Minimum Age is greater than 0, when an item in the Department or Category or Location is entered on a Sales Transaction, the Clerk is prompted for either the Customer's Birthdate, or confirmation that he or she is Over Verification Age.

Minimum Age should be set to 0 for Departments, Categories, and Locations that don't have an age requirement. If the Category and/or Location also have Minimum Ages, the highest age is used.

To assign a Minimum Age, select the Minimum Age field on the Department or Category or Location record and enter the Minimum Age.

Minimum Age supports decimals. For example: 18.5 = eighteen years and six months of age.

Length - 6 digits

Format - Integer or decimal

Indexing: Not Indexed


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