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Database Manager - Using Databases

If data such as Inventory items, Customers, Vendors, etc. are available in a spreadsheet, a previous system, or other computer, the records can most likely be Imported into Keystroke. Before importing, it is important review how the data was previously organized, and how it might be improved and cleaned up. A spreadsheet software's data/sort function can be used to locate spelling errors, inconsistent naming conventions/field usage, and incomplete or bad records. When the data is ready, use the spreadsheet software's Save As function to save the file to a delimited file format. Tab delimited is the preferred format because of its better handling of data where the quote (") character is used within a field's value.

Database records may also be entered manually using the following Database Manager Menu functions:
- the Record Menu, Add function.
- the Record Menu, Field Merge and Merge functions.
- the Setup Menu, Default, Add Mode Database Screen default settings.

Note: Regardless of entry method used, having data properly organized is critical to how well Keystroke works. Most importantly, it is absolutely essential to take time to plan how inventory items are to be looked up, named, sorted, grouped, and reported on.

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