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The Add function is used to add new records to the currently selected database. When adding records, the Default Add screen may be used to auto-fill fields and can be especially helpful for setting prices, Tax Codes, and Price Tables.

- Press [PageDown] to save the new record being added and open another Add new record screen.

- Press [F8] to use Field Merge to copy data from the selected field in the previously viewed record to the current record.
- Press [Shift]+[F8] to use Merge to copy all the data from the previously viewed record to the current record.

Note: Duplicate Checking (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) - If when adding a new database record a duplicate record is found and that record is marked as hidden, a message is displayed asking the Clerk if they would like to Un-Hide it instead of adding (or editing) the record currently being used. If the Clerk selects Yes the record is Un-Hidden and a message is displayed asking to [Load] the record that was activated or [Continue] with the current record. If Load is selected all changes that were entered on the record that generated the message are lost. The Clerk must have the security level to both Edit database records and Hide/Show database records in order for this option to be available (otherwise the standard duplicate message is displayed). If the Clerk selects No the standard "override duplicate" message is displayed (if the clerk has the security for it). Otherwise the field will be restored back to its original value.


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