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The Default function is used to define default auto-fill field values for new records and can be especially helpful for setting prices, Tax Codes, and Price Tables. Default values can eliminate the need to re-type information that is identical on all or most new records.

Use the Default function to set:

Initial Values - To auto-fill fields with starting values.
Field Formulas - For automatically calculating values.
Field Links - For linking data in separate fields.
Field Security - To set Security levels for individual fields.

To set default values for a database:

- Select the appropriate database.
- Select Default from the Setup menu.
- Select the appropriate screen from the list of available Add Mode and Edit Mode screen options. Note: Each mode may have screens for different Security Levels. The default Security Level screen is 99.
- The selected Default Screen is displayed and looks like the data entry screen for the current database.
- Enter default values in the appropriate fields. The process is just like entering new database record information. Default values may include Field Formulas to calculate amounts such as prices.
- Press [F10] to display the Save Database Screen screen. Verify all the settings and Select the [Ok] button or press [F10] again to save the Default screen settings.


Using Default Settings When Editing Database Records

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