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Default Field Security levels may be assigned to each database field. Field-level security is commonly used to prevent Clerks who are authorized to edit Database records from changing certain fields such as Quantity On Hand, Prices, etc.

Field Security prevents only the editing of a field and does NOT prevent the field from being viewed. To be completely hide a field from view from some Clerks, contact your Authorized Keystroke Point Of Sale Dealer to have a custom database screen created.

To set the Field Security for a database field:

- Select the appropriate database.
- Select Default from the Setup menu.
- Select the Add or Edit Default database screen to which a Field Link should be added or changed.
- Select the appropriate field.
- Press [F3] to display the Field Security screen.
- Enter the Security Level number in the Security Level field. The lower the Security Level number, the more restricted the edit capability of the field becomes. The only exception is a Security Level of 0 which turns off the Field Security for the field.

Note: If a field's Security Level number is lower than the current Clerk's Security Level number, the Clerk cannot access the field to change its Field Security number.


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