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Default value Field Links automatically copy the information entered in one field to another field. For example, when entering a new Inventory database record, the number entered in the Average Cost field may be automatically copied to the Last Cost field.

To add a Field Link to a field:

- Select the appropriate database.
- Select Default from the Setup menu.
- Select the Add or Edit Default database screen to which a Field Link should be added or changed.
- Select the appropriate field.
- Press [Ins] to display the Available Fields Lookup List.
- Select the field from which the information should be copied to the current field.
- Press Enter to add the Field Link (press [Esc] to remove an existing Field Link).
- The lower left corner of the screen displays the Field Link for the currently selected field.

Field Links and Field Formulas may be combined to automatically set default prices for an Inventory record. For example, the Price field contains +M50. It is linked to the Last Cost field. The value from the Last Cost field is copied to the Price field. That value is then increased to provide a 50% margin (100% markup).

Note: Linked fields must be of the same type (Currency, Numeric, Alphanumeric, etc.). When a field is linked, the link must be from a field that precedes it in the tab order (the order in which information is entered in fields when the [Tab] key is used to navigate to the next field).


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