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Security Levels control the different parts of the system to which Clerks have access.

In general, lower Clerk Security Level numbers provide access to more features and higher Clerk Security Level numbers provide access to fewer features. The Clerk Security Level number is compared to the security level numbers assigned to the functions and operations in the Security Levels definitions. The Clerk Security Level must be equal to or smaller than the security level assigned to the feature to allow access.

It is recommended to set the Clerk's Security Level in the Clerk database first and then set the Security Levels for functions and operations as needed. The following basic Security Level Guidelines apply to the default security level settings:

Level 0 = Owner/Manager (may change everything including Clerks and Security Levels).
Level 2 = Supervisor, Lead Person (may change most everything except Clerks and Security Levels).
Level 5 = Salesperson/Clerk (may edit most anything including sales transaction, inventory items, etc).
Level 8 = Limited role (may only enter sales, run closeouts and minor reports).
Level 10 = Very Limited (may only enter sales, cannot delete line items or payments).

The actual degree (level) of security gets higher as the Clerk Security Level number gets lower.

Setting Security Levels for Functions and Operations:

- Select Security Levels from the Configuration Manager Tables Menu.

- Select a Security Levels List from one of the following menu options:

Tables - Security Levels - General

Tables - Security Levels - Extensions

Tables - Security Levels - Databases

Tables - Security Levels - Sales Manager

Tables - Security Levels - Sales Transactions

Tables - Security Levels - Purchase Manager

Tables - Security Levels - Accounts Receivable

Tables - Security Levels - Closeout

- Select a function from the Security Level List. Navigate through the list using the [PageUp], [PageDown], [Home], [End], and [UpArrow] [DownArrow] keys or by using the Mouse.

- Press [Enter] or double-click to display the Security Level screen.

- Enter the new Security Level in the Number field.

- Press [Enter] or [F10] to save the changes and return to the Security Levels list. Press [Esc] to exit the Security Level screen without saving changes.

- Press [F10] to exit the Security Levels list and save the changes. Press [Esc] to exit the list without saving the changes.


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