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Database Manager - Clerk Database

The Clerk Database is used to manage information about Keystroke Clerks. Each clerk record includes two screens: Main Screen, Custom Data Screen.

A Clerk record must be created for each person authorized to use Keystroke. The top section of each Clerk information screen displays some of the same fields making it easy to verify which record is currently being viewed. Special attention should be paid to PCI-compliant password requirements (setup in Configuration-Settings-Parameters-Passwords).

Special attention should be paid to Security Levels (setup in Configuration-Tables-Security). Assign Clerk Security Level 0 (zero) to at least one Clerk (typically an owner or trusted manager) to ensure their access to all Keystroke features and functions. Lower Clerk Security Level numbers allow for greater access to features and functions. Higher Clerk Security Level numbers are more restrictive.

There are 2 Clerk Database Screens (use the Database screen buttons in the lower right or press [F9] to navigate through the screens):

Main Screen
Custom Data Screen


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