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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Parameters - Passwords

Access the Password Parameters from the Configuration-Settings-Parameters menu.

Please review the PCI Requirements for details about enforcing PCI Compliant passwords.

There are two ways to enter, edit, and otherwise control Clerk passwords.

If a Clerk's Security Level allows editing of Clerk database records (an Administrator level Clerk), then that Clerk can enter, change, delete, or set expiration dates for passwords by editing a Clerk database record.

A Clerk may also change their own password using the Change Password Utility.

The following Password Parameters apply only to the Change Password Utility (passwords entered on a Clerk database record for a non-Administrator level Clerk are not affected by these parameters).

Minimum Length - The minimum number of characters required for a password.

Good For - The number of days for which a password will remain valid.

Max Attempts - The maximum number of incorrect attempts before the password is disabled (0 = unlimited incorrect attempts).

At Least/Letters - The minimum number of letters (A-Z) required for a password.

At Least/Numbers - The minimum number of numerals (0-9) required for a password.

At Least/Symbols - The minimum number of symbols (!,@,#,$,% etc.) required for a password.

Case Sensitive - checks for Upper vs Lower case letters when entering a password ("p" is not the same as "P").

Note: The Password Parameters are stored in the main configuration data file (KSCNF.DAT) and are not affected by the /C Startup Switch or INIFILE Config= setting.

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