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Database Manager - Inventory Database - Order Data Screen

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Fields displayed on the Inventory - Order Data Screen:

Product Code - The item bar code characters, part, or product number (SKU, UPC, etc).

Description - Text description of the item (or service).

Stock Number - Used internally to identify each record and cannot be changed.

Last Cost - Represents the amount most recently paid.

Average Cost - Represents the average amount paid.

Fixed Cost - A cost field for use with Price Tables, forms and reports.

COGS Adj - Holds the COGS when the item is sold into negative quantity on hand.

Base Price - The default selling price.

Target Profit Margin - Used to calculate the cost of items that have a $0.00 Base Price and Cost based on the price entered on the Sales Transaction.

Qty On Hand - The quantity currently available for sale.

Qty On Order - The quantity currently on order from Vendors.

Min Qty - The lowest desired quantity on hand.

Max Qty - The highest desired quantity on hand.

Order Interval - Minimum number of days between orders.

Order Qty - The default quantity entered on Purchase Transactions.

Multiplier - For use with Bulk Purchases, Parent/Child Break-downs, and Matrix.

Last Count - The date the item was last counted on a Variance.

Last Purch - The date the item was last ordered.

Last Rcvd - The date the item was last received.

Avg Fill Ratio - Ratio of Received vs. Ordered.

Avg Lead Time - The average number of days from when the item is ordered and to when it is received.

Order Unit - The unit of measure by which the item is purchased (Each, Pound, Gallon, etc).

Vendor Information - Displays the item Vendor Information.

Item Weight - Represents either per-unit or tare (package) weight.

Total Purch - The total quantity received on Purchase Invoices.

Total Sold - The total quantity sold on Sales Invoices.

Last Sold - The date the item was last sold.

Inventory Screen Buttons

Vendor List - Press [Alt]+[v] to display/edit item Vendor Information.

Serial #s - Press [Alt]+[s] to display/edit item Serial Numbers.

AltCodes - Press [Alt]+[a] to display/edit item Alternate Codes.

Scripts - Press [Alt]+[c] to display the Scripted Item Screen.

Matrix - Press [Alt]+[m] to display the item Matrix Table.

Main Screen - Press [Alt]+[r] to display the Order Data Screen.

More Data - Press [Alt]+[d] to display the More Data Screen.

Custom Data - Press [Alt]+[u] to display the Custom Data Screen.

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