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Database Manager - Inventory Database - Main Screen - Stock Number

Keystroke uses the Stock Number to identify Inventory items. Stock Numbers cannot be changed on existing Inventory records.

The Stock Number is the primary Indexed field that uniquely identifies each Inventory database record and may be used to enter items on transactions and to sort items in Lookup Lists and on Reports. The Stock Number has no specific meaning other than it is the actual Record Number that Keystroke uses to keep track of each Inventory item.

As new Inventory records are added, Keystroke automatically assigns the Stock Number according to the Next Number counter setting located in the Database Manager Setup Menu. The next available Stock Number may be changed using the Next Number function. Care should taken when resetting the Next Number. Do not to specify a number lower than the highest Stock Number already used because no two Inventory records may have the same Stock Number.

If some Inventory items are not already barcode labeled by the Manufacturer, the Stock Number may be used to print barcode formatted labels for just those items using the Keystroke Label Manager. Stock Number is numeric only, is usually the shortest entry number, and can be printed in a small barcode format on price tags.

To scan barcodes representing the Stock Number into the Product Code field (the default Line Item Entry Field on transaction screens), the Stock Number Alternate Search Field parameter must be enabled (Configuration Manager, Setup, Database Settings).

Format: Integer

Maximum Stock Number: 999,999,999 (~ 1 Billion)

Maximum Inventory Records: 999,999,999 (~ 1 Billion)

Indexing: Indexed


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