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The Multiplier field is used with the Order Qty to define the quantity that is actually received when the item is received on Purchase Invoices. When an item with a Multiplier value greater than 1 is received on a Purchase Invoice, its Quantity on Hand is increased by the value in the Multiplier field multiplied by the number received on the Purchase Invoice.

For example, if purchasing wine by the case but never selling it by the case, enter a quantity of 1 (case) on a Purchase Order for a wine bottle item with a Multiplier value of 12 (bottles) to increase the Quantity On Hand of the item by 12 (bottles) when the 1 (case) is received.

The Multiplier field accepts both integers (whole numbers) as well as decimal values. In most situations the Multiplier is an integer.

A decimal value Multiplier can be used for reverse case-breakdowns (a Multiplier of .5 converts two parent items into one child item). A decimal value Multiplier may also be used for partial packaging (a Multiplier of 1.5 produces a 12-pack child item from an 18-pack parent item).

Set the Multiplier to a negative number on a Matrix item to order only one unit (such as a case of mixed sizes and colors) of the main Matrix item and receive the individual Matrix items separately.

For example:

A box of 50 t-shirts of random size/color is ordered. Set the Multiplier to -50 on the main Matrix item and enter a quantity of 1 on the Purchase Order. It is not necessary to specify the sizes and colors at the time of the order. When the 50 assorted T-shirts are received, the number of each size and color is entered into the Purchase Order when it is converted to a Purchase Invoice.


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