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Database Manager - Inventory Database - Main Screen - Alternate Codes

Select the AltCodes button or press [Ctrl]+[F9] or [Alt]+[A] to display the Inventory item's Alternate Codes list to enter, edit, or delete the item's Alternate Codes. Alternate Codes may be up to 100 alpha numeric, case-insensitive characters in length.

Alternate Codes provide alternate ways to enter items on transactions. Alternate Codes may be used to enter items in the following fields:

- Stock Number
- Product Code
- Manufacturer
- Class
- Description

Alternate Codes might be used for:

- Price codes that change seasonally.
- Liquor bottles in holiday packaging.
- Superseded part numbers.
- Alternate methods of identifying the item such as the Vendor Part Number.

Alternate Codes may be located, entered, edited, or deleted using Find Alternate Code from the Database Manager Find Menu.


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