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The Alternate Code Field Links parameter (available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses) is used to automate the process of adding information entered in any linked Inventory, Customer, or Vendor database field to the respective database record's Alternate Inventory Codes, Alternate Customer Codes, and Alternate Vendor Codes.

Select the Alt Code Field Links button on the Configuration Manager-Settings Menu-Databases screen to display the fields to link to the Inventory, Customer and Vendor Alternate Codes lists. Press [Ins] from any of the 8 Field Link positions to display the list of available Link Fields. Select a field and press [Enter] to add the field to the Linked Fields.

Information entered in any fields marked as Linked to the Alt Codes list is added to the Alt Codes list (if it is not already there) when the database record is saved. If the old text exists in the Alt Codes list it is automatically removed.

Indexed fields (e.g. Product Code) are marked with an "*" on the list of available Link Fields and work differently than the other fields. Since indexed fields are already searched, adding them to the Alt Code list is not necessary. For indexed fields, the previous text (instead of the new text) is automatically added to the Alt Codes list when the field is changed. This creates a list of the old values (sometimes referred to as Superseded Part Numbers) in case they are still needed.

For example, if the Product Code field is on the Alternate Code Field Links list and if a UPC code on an item is changed, the old UPC is copied to the Alt Codes list automatically when the item is saved. If an item with the old UPC code is scanned, the item can still be located.


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