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Alternate Codes provide additional ways to enter items on transactions.

The Find Alternate Code function displays a list of the all the Alternate Codes for all the records in the currently selected database.

To view or edit the Alternate Codes list:

- Select the appropriate database.
- Select Alternate Codes from the Find menu.
- Use Quick Search or [UpArrow] or [DownArrow] to locate an Alternate Code.
- Use the Sort By button to toggle the list sort between Stock Number and Alternate Code.
- To edit an Alternate Code, select it and press [F3] to dispaly the Alternate Code screen.
- To remove an Alternate Code, select it and press [Del].
- To add an Alternate Code, press [Ins] to display the Alternate Code screen.

The Alternate Code screen is used to to edit an Alternate Code or add a new Alternate Code.

The Stock Number field displays the item's Stock Number. The description of the item is displayed next to the Stock Number. When adding an new Alternate Code, the Stock Number field displays 0 - ** NOT FOUND ** until an existing Stock Number is selected. Enter a valid Stock Number or press [Ins] to select one from the Stock Number Lookup List.

The Alt Code field displays the Alternate Code. When adding a new Alternate Code screen, the field is blank until the new Alternate Code is entered. Press [F10] or select the [Ok] button to exit and save the changes.

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