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Database Manager - Contact Database - More Data Screen

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Fields displayed on the Contact - More Data Screen:

Name - Contact's name.

Alt Name - Contact's alternate name.

Lookup - Primary Contact look up field.

Phone - Contact's primary phone number.

Fax - Contact's fax number.

Mobile - Contact's cell phone number.

Email - Contact's primary email address.

Alt Email - Contact's alternate email address.

WebID - Contact's Web ID.

Note - Contact warning pop-up note.

Customer Number - Used internally to identify the Customer to which the Contact belongs.

Cont ID - Contact's ID.

Code - A unique identifier for each Contact or a type/group of Contacts.

Class - Usage similar to Contact Code.

First Purchase - Date of Contact's first sale.

Last Purchase - Date of Contact's last purchase.

Number of Purchases - Total Number of Sales Transactions.

Total Purch - Cumulative Sales total.

Avg Profit - The Average Profit Dollar Amount from Sales Transactions.

Date Of Birth - The Contact's birth date (including year born).

Age - Contact's age (used with Age Verification function).

Security Level - To View - Required Clerk Security Level to view Contact's database record.

Security Level - To Sell - Required Clerk Security Level to sell to the Contact.

Created - The date the Contact database record was created.

Last Edit - The date the Contact database record was last edited.

Contact Screen Buttons

Main Screen - Press [Alt]+[n] to display the Main Screen.

Custom Data - Press [Alt]+[u] to display the Custom Data Screen.

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