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The Class field is virtually identical to Contact Code. The only other difference between these two fields is how they are used on standard Form Files and Reports. Mainly due to lack of space, Class in not included on many standard Form Files and some report formats.

The Class field is commonly used in two different ways.

Class may be used to define a type or group of Contacts (and not uniquely identify a particular Contact), by containing the same value on multiple records. It can be used to represent groups such as club members, special interest Contacts, and product preference Contacts (i.e. dog owners vs cat owners) in order to provide the ability to look up and sort Contacts by those codes.

The Class field may also contain a personal coding scheme for abbreviations, acronyms, or any other personal numbering or coding scheme as an alternate way of uniquely identifying and/or sorting Contacts.

The Class may uniquely identify Contacts, or the same Class may identify multiple Contacts.

Format: 20 alphanumeric characters.

Indexing: Not Indexed


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