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Database Manager - Matrix Tables - Main Screen

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Fields on the Matrix Main Screen (and Matrix More Data Screen) may be edited to reflect values for the Matrix Item. If not edited with a value, Matrix Item fields contain the NULL Symbol character which defines their value to be the same as the value in the field of the Inventory Item.

Fields displayed on the Matrix Tables - Main Screen:

Displays the Matrix Table Code and Description.

Displays the Matrix Categories Codes and Descriptions.

Displays the Matrix Elements Codes and Descriptions.

Product Code - The item bar code characters, part, or product number (SKU, UPC, etc).

Description - Text description of the item (or service).

Stock Number - Used internally to identify each record and cannot be changed.

Average Cost - Represents the average amount paid.

Last Cost - Represents the amount most recently paid.

Base Price - The default retail selling price.

Sale Price - Default retail selling price when On Sale is enabled.

List Price - The Manufacturer's recommended retail price.

Price Levels 1,2,3 - Alternate prices available for sales and price tables.

Last Printed Price - The item's price at the time a price tag was last printed for it.

On Hand - The quantity currently available for sale.

Allocated - The quantity currently on Back Order.

Layaway - The quantity currently on Layaway transactions.

OnOrder - The quantity currently on order from Vendors.

Min Qty - The lowest desired quantity on hand.

Max Qty - The highest desired quantity on hand.

Order Qty - The default quantity entered on Purchase Transactions.

Ord Interval - Minimum number of days between orders.

Total Sold - The total quantity sold on Sales Invoices.

TotRecvd - The total quantity received on Purchase Invoices.

Total Var - The item's running total of the quantity changed on Variances.

Last Sold - The date the item was last sold.

Last Purch - The date the item was last ordered.

Total Purch - The total quantity received on Purchase Invoices.

Last Var - The date the item was last counted on a Variance.

On Sale - Used to identify items which should default to Sale Price rather than Base Price.

No Tag - Used to identify the item as one for which Price Tags are not normally printed.

Price Code - Defines how item is affected by Price Table Formulas for discounts.

Commission Code - Defines how item is affected by Commission Table Formulas.

Qty Price Breaks - Define fixed quantity price breaks (3 for $1.00, 5 for $3.00, etc).

Comment - Press [Shift]+[Enter] to view the Comment field.

Matrix Screen Buttons

Vendor Info - Press [Alt]+[v] to display/edit item Vendor Information.

More Data - Press [Alt]+[d] to display the More Data Screen.

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