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Matrix Tables - Matrix Category

Each item in a Matrix Table is identified by its unique combination of features. These features should naturally fall into different groups, or Categories, such as: Color, Size, Style, etc.

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Each Matrix Table may have as many as four Categories. Each Category has a code (up to 4 characters), name, and a list of features, or Elements (i.e., specific colors, sizes, etc.). A single Category may be used by more than one Matrix Table. (e.g., color could be used for both shirts and pants).

To create a Matrix Category: select the Matrix Table field on the Inventory Main Screen and press [Ins] (or use the Lookup List button) to display the Matrix Tables Lookup List. Select a Matrix Table from the list and press [F3] to display the Matrix Table screen. In the Categories box, press [Ins] to display the Matrix Categories Lookup List. If no Matrix Categories exist, or to add a new Matrix Category, press [Ins] once more to display the Matrix Category screen to create a new Matrix Category. Enter the new Category Code (up to 4 characters) and Category Name. Set the Element Code Length (may be up to 4 characters). In the Elements box, press [Ins] to display the Element screen. Enter the new Element Code and Element Name. Press [OK] to save the Element. After entering all the required Elements, press [OK] to save the Matrix Category.

Note: Matrix Tables must be completely set up and configured before any Matrix Items are purchased or sold. After a Matrix Table has been used it cannot be edited (Categories may not be added or removed).


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