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Matrix Tables - Matrix Table

Matrix Tables enable the tracking of all of the variations of an Inventory item (Size, Color, Style, etc).

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A Matrix Table can have as many as four Matrix Categories.

A Category is a type of group feature, such as: Size, Color, Style, Finish, Texture, etc.

Each Category can have as many as 99 Matrix Elements.

An Element is an individual feature within each Category, such as:

- Category = Size: Small, Medium, Large, X-Large.

- Category = Color: Red, Blue, Green, Tan.

Each Matrix Table should have enough Categories and Elements to clearly identify each item in the Matrix.

Each Table and Category must have a unique Code (up to 4 characters). The same Element Code may be used in different Categories.

Note: Matrix Tables must be completely set up and configured before any Matrix Items are purchased or sold. After a Matrix Table has been used it cannot be edited (Categories may not be added or removed).


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