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The Tax Table field displays the Customer's default Tax Table which is used to define the tax rate the Customer pays when buying taxable Inventory items.

To assign a Tax Table to a Customer, navigate to the Tax Table field, press [Ins] to display the Tax Tables list, and select the appropriate Tax Table.

A Tax Table should be assigned to each Customer even if the Customer is of a type that does not pay sales tax. Examples of types of customers are: Taxable, Reseller, Out of State, Government, Employee, etc.

For Customers who pay normal state and local sales taxes, the Tax Table should be the same as the Company Default Tax Table, which is typically Tax Table "S" for State/Local. If a specific Tax Table is not assigned to a Customer it is recommended to leave the default Tax Table (* - Default (Local) Tax Table) setting in place to ensure the Company Default Tax Table is used.

Note: It is important to understand that Tax Tables relate to types of Customers (i.e. Reseller, Employee, Local, etc) and Tax Codes relate to types of inventory items (i.e. Merchandise, Food, Liquor, etc).


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