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Configuration Manager - Settings - Company Defaults

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The Company Defaults Parameter settings define various default settings used throughout Keystroke.

To change Company Defaults:

- Select Defaults from the Configuration Manager, Settings menu to display the Company Defaults screen.

- Enter the changes in the appropriate Company Defaults screen fields.

- Select [Ok] or press [F10] to save the changes. Select [Cancel] or press [Esc] to exit without saving the changes.

Note: Defaults settings may be overridden when encountered if Security Levels allow the Clerk to make the requested changes.

Customer Number - The default Customer Number for Sales Transactions.

Customer Name - The default Customer Name for Sales Transactions.

Contact ID - The default Contact ID for Customers' first Contact.

Use when Adding First Contact - Use the default Contact ID when creating Customers' first Contact.

Vendor Number - The default Vendor Number for Purchase Transactions.

Vendor Name - The default Vendor Name for Purchase Transactions.

Price Table - The default Price Table for Sales Transactions.

Sales Tax Table - The default Tax Table for Sales Transactions.

Purchase Tax Table - The default Tax Table for Purchase Transactions.

Reports default to Today after - The time of day where Reports run before default to yesterday and Reports run after default to today.

Default Report Time - The default Report Start/End Time.

Paid Out Reason - The default Reason for a Paid Out.

Display List of Paid Out Reasons - Automatically display the List of Paid Out Reasons.


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