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Price Tables define different price levels based on the following factors:

- Customers
- Date of the transactions
- Types of item purchased
- Quantity purchased
- Dollar amount purchased
- Minimum Profit Margin
- Any combination of these factors

Price Tables contain three main components.

Price Tables:

Price Tables are assigned to Customers by the Customer Database record Price Table field. Each Price Table contains at least one Price Formula. The formula defines the discounted Price to be paid (for items which are defined by Price Codes).

Price Codes:

Price Codes are assigned to Inventory items by the Inventory Database record Price Code field. Price Codes define the items eligible to be discounted by the Price Formula.

Price Formulas:

Price Formulas define the amount of the discount and the items to which the discount may be applied. Each Price Formula applies to a specific Price Code. Price Formulas are contained in Price Tables.

BOGO Pricing:

BOGO Pricing (Buy One Get One) allows items to be discounted based on the purchase of other items.

In Summary:

The Price Table's Price Formula says a certain discount amount may be applied to the items defined by the formula's Price Code when they are sold to the Customers included by the Price Table.

For Example:

Price Table P (for Preferred Customers) contains a Price Formula defining a...
22% Mark-down from Base Price, which apples to...
Price Code O (all Office Supply items).
So... Preferred Customers get a 22% discount on Office Supplies.


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