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Configuration Manager - Settings - Company Defaults - Paid Out Reason

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The default reason for the Paid Out function is "Make Change".

Keystroke Advanced Only Feature:

Available only with Keystroke Advanced licenses, a list of selectable Paid Out Reasons can be created (in Keystroke, only the default reason may be edited).

- Navigate to the Configuration Manager and select Defaults from the Settings Menu.

- Press the Paid Out Reason button to view the list of Paid Out Reasons.

- From the list of Paid Out Reasons, select [Add New Reason] or press [Ins] to add a new Paid Out Reason.

- The Paid Out Reason at the top of the list of Paid Out Reasons is the default Paid Out reason.

The list of Paid Out Reasons can be re-arranged by using Cut and Paste:

- Select a Paid Out Reason to move.

- Use [Shift]+[Del] or [Ctrl]+[X] to Cut.

- Move the cursor to the desired position into which the cut Paid Out Reason should be pasted.

- Use [Shift]+[Ins] or [Ctrl]+[V] to Paste.


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