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The Detail Box parameter defines the format of the display of the Detail Box in the lower left corner of the Sales Transaction screen, to the left of the totals.

Note: The Detail Box view may be changed (regardless of Sales Transaction Type) by clicking in the Detail Box while on the Sales Transaction Item Entry screen. Each click cycles the view through the available Detail Box view formats (which are controlled by the Configuration Manager, Settings, Sales Transactions, Entry Parameters, Detail Box settings).

For Sales Transactions Types, the fields and their format (location, font, size, color, etc.) are defined by the files TRNDET#.DAT in the Data folder under the Keystroke installation folder (for Purchase Transactions, the fields and their format are defined by the files PORDet#.DAT in the same folder). These files can be edited using a standard text editor. The column positions must remain the same. The file Keystroke\Doc\DetBox.txt contains detailed information for customizing these files.

Note: Keystroke scans the Data folder for all files with name matching TRNDet#.DAT (where # is a number from 1 to 99). Support for files #7-#99 allows for additional or custom designed files while retaining the use of the standard files (#0-#6). It is recommended that custom files use numbers above #9 so they won't conflict with any new standard files that may be introduced in future releases of Keystroke and use the numbers #7-#9.

None - Displays Extended Description only (TRNDet0.DAT).

Line Item Comment - Displays line item comment (TRNDet1.DAT).

Item Detail - Detailed information about the line item and its price (TRNDet2.DAT).

Item Qty Detail - Detailed information about the line item and its quantities (TRNDet3.DAT).

Total (Large Print) - Transaction total, displayed in large characters (TRNDet4.DAT).

Department Totals - Detailed information about the line item, plus Department and Category totals (TRNDet5.DAT).

Customer/Item History - Customer's Sales Invoice history as well as selected item's history (TRNDet6.DAT).

Transaction Type

Default Detail Box Setting

Sales Invoice

Department Totals


Customer/Item History

Sales Order

Item Qty Detail


Customer/Item History

On Hold

Department Totals


Line Item Comment

Gift Registry

Line Item Comment

Special Order

Department Totals

Service Order

Line Item Comment

Recurring Charge

Line Item Comment

Not used

Total (Large Print)


Line Item Comment


Sales Transaction Types - Parameters - Entry

Configuration Manager - Settings - Sales Transactions - Parameters - Entry

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