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The Detail Box display option titled Setting #06 - Customer/Item History [TRNDET6.DAT] displays the Customer's Sales Invoice history as well as the item's history for the current customer as long as this information is being loaded by enabling the Auto-Load Customer History parameter (located on the Sales Manager, Transaction, Parameters, Entry, Customer Entry screen). Otherwise the fields will be blank.

The Extended Description is replaced by the Matrix Item Description for Matrix items.

To set the Detail Box display to Customer/Item History:

- Select Sales Transactions from the Configuration Manager's Settings menu.
- Select the Sales Transaction Type from the list of available Sales Transaction Types.
- Select the Entry button in the Parameters section on the Sales Transaction Type setup screen.
- Select the Detail Box button on the Entry Parameters screen.
- Select Setting #06 - Customer/Item History [TRNDET6.DAT] from Select Detail Box Control File options.
- Press [Enter] or [F10].


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