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Enabled - Makes the Transaction Type available for use.

Name - Defines the name to be displayed in menus that require the selection of a Sales Transaction Type.

Menu Name - Defines the name which to be displayed in the Sales Manager - Transaction Menu list.

Short Name - Defines the Sales Transaction Type's name as it appears on some invoice and receipt forms.

Abbreviation - Defines the Sales Transaction Type's abbreviation as it appears in the alternate Data File filename.

Description - Defines the Sales Transaction Type's Description which is used strictly for reference.

Next Number From - Defines the Sales Transaction Type from which Sales Transaction Type's transaction numbers are controlled.

Data File - Defines the Transaction file to which to save the Sales Transaction Type's transactions.

Save Payments To This File - Defines the alternate Data File as the file to which to save Payments.

Directory - Defines an alternate folder location to store the alternate Data File.

GL Payment Posting - Defines the type of Accounting Link account to which payments will be posted.

Hot Key - Defines the letter used in combination with the [Ctrl] key to press to switch to the Sales Transaction Type.

Entry Parameters - Define the information to enter and how that information is entered on Sales Transactions.

Complete Sale Parameters - Defines the fields to display on the Complete Sales Screen and the default cursor navigation path.

Update Parameters - Defines the information to update or change when transactions are completed.

Save Parameters - Defines what happens to a transaction when it is completed.

Security Levels - Defines the Security Levels for Sales Transaction Types.


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