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The Data File setting defines the Transaction file to which to save the Sales Transaction Type's transactions.

Two choices are available:

- KSTR####.DAT - the default Keystroke transaction file which is automatically created and used to store transaction data for the default Sales Transaction Types. A single transaction file can store a large number of transaction records (depending on the Transaction File Settings). The #### represents a four-digit sequential number automatically assigned when the transaction file is created (i.e. KSTR0001.DAT, KSTR0002.DAT, etc.)

- KSTRxxxx.DAT - an alternate transaction file created specifically for the Transaction Type which is automatically created and used to store transaction data. The xxxx represents the Abbreviation defined for the Transaction Type. Unlike standard transaction files, alternate transaction files do not split. If an alternate transaction file for a Transaction Type is defined, all of the transactions for that Transaction Type are stored in the same file. Alternate transaction files may be up to 8MB in size, which is the equivalent of approximately 8,000 transactions. To make room for more transactions in an alternate transaction file, convert the transactions to another Transaction Type, or delete transactions. When an alternate transaction file reaches 6MB in size, it starts to reuse space created by deletions or conversions, after which point deleted transactions may no longer be recalled.

To assign a Data File to a Sales Transaction Type:

- Select Sales Transactions from the Configuration Manager's Settings menu.
- Select the Transaction Type from the Transaction Type list.
- Press [Enter].
- Select the Data File setting on the Sales Transaction Types Setup Screen.
- Select a Data File option from the list and press [Enter].

Changing Data File Settings:

Note: Before changing a Transaction Type's Data File:
- Perform a back up of all Keystroke data.
- Ensure no one else is using Keystroke while the process is running.

When changing a Transaction Type's Data File setting, a message is displayed asking to copy existing transaction records from the old Data File to the new Data File. If answering Yes, each transaction is copied from the old Data File to the new one.

If moving data from the standard transaction file to an alternate transaction file, Keystroke searches for transactions of the appropriate Type starting with the current transaction file, working back through the previous files, move the transactions to the alternate transaction file, and delete them from the standard transaction file.

When the transfer process is complete, and if a large number of records were transferred, the standard transaction file should be Packed. If moving data from an alternate file to the standard transaction file, copy all of the transactions to the standard transaction file, dnd delete the alternate transaction file.

Press [Esc] at any time to stop the transfer process. Records that were already transferred remain in their new location and are deleted from the old file.

If the process is stopped, or if it is interrupted, either:

- Restore the backup that you made before changing the data file, or

- Change the Data File back to its original setting, select No when asked to move transactions, change the Data File to the new setting again, and select Yes when asked to move transactions. Keystroke continues copying the transactions, skipping the ones that it had already copied since they will now be marked as deleted in the original data file.

If moving transactions to an alternate data file, Keystroke stops copying records if the file grows to more than 6MB. This meansthere are too many transactions for an alternate transaction data file and the standard transaction Data File should be used for that Transaction Type.

If this happens, either restore the backup or change the Data File back to the standard transaction Data File let the the transactions move back to it from the alternate file.


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