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Up to twelve different Sales Transaction Types can be used to keep track of pending sales in various stages of completion.

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Sales Invoice is the only Transaction Type that represents actual completed sales (with the exception of Archives which can be used to keep a record of deleted transactions). All other Sales Transaction Types typically represent pending or potential sales, which may or may not eventually be converted to Sales Invoices.

While each individual Sales Transaction Type is configured for a particular purpose, the primary purpose of having multiple Transaction Types available is more for organization. For example, Sales Order and Special Order may be configured to function nearly identically to one another; however, each is used to keep track of transactions that are pending for different reasons. The configuration of the Rental Transaction Type is also very similar to Sales Order, but when coupled with the Rental flag on the Inventory database record it provides a way of handling rentals items (the Inventory Rental flag is enabled to return the rental item to Quantity On Hand so it can be rented again).

Several pre-configured Sales Transaction Types are available and Enabled for use. Their settings may be modified as necessary. Several disabled Sales Transaction Types are also available for use and may be customized as needed.

Sales Invoice


Sales Order


On Hold


Gift Registry

Special Order

Service Order

Recurring Charge

Not Used


Note: Transaction Types with an asterisk (*) displayed in front of the Transaction Type Name are currently Enabled.


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