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Configuration Manager - Menus - Settings - Sales Transaction Types - Setup Screen - Enabled

The Enabled setting makes the Sales Transaction Type available for use.

To Enable a Transaction Type:

- Select Sales Transactions from the Configuration Manager Settings menu.
- Select the Transaction Type from the Transaction Type list.
- Press [Enter].
- Select Enabled from the Sales Transaction Types Setup Screen.
- Click on Enabled or press the [SpaceBar] so that it is marked with an X.

When enabled, the Transaction Type is ready for use. Select Transaction Type from the Sales Manager, Special Menu list or press the Hot Key combination for that Transaction Type.

When disabled, the Transaction Type is not available for use.

Note: If the Clerk's Security Level does not allow them to use a particular Sales Transaction Type, it will not be available for use even if it is enabled.

Length - 1 Character
Format - Alphanumeric
X = ON
blank = OFF
Switch ON and OFF using [SpaceBar]


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